Foolish email - April 2009
by Do-While Jones

Fool of the Month

Our goal is to make fun of the theory of evolution, without making fun of the evolutionists themselves. But, in honor of April Foolís Day, we are printing a typical email from an evolutionist to let him make a fool of himself.

This particular email came from the United Kingdom. Apparently the British spend so much time teaching evolution, they donít have time to teach English. The only changes we made to his email were to delete his last name and email address, and mark his errors with ď[sic]Ē.

Subject: Your site
From: josh [sic]
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2009

I've read some of the site's articles, and quite frankly im [sic] sickened by the bias, unscientific, non concistant [sic], illogical shit that you guys pour out.

The sad thing is, most idiots beleive [sic] you.

I guess the only good thing is, the people who actually matter; the intellects [sic], donít.

Good luck in indoctrinating more retards.

Yours, josh. [sic]

Josh apparently thought that his insightful, well-written email would convince us of the truth of the theory of evolution. It didnít.

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