Feature Song - April 2009
by Do-While Jones

Evolution Superstition

This is our annual special issue celebrating National Theory of Evolution Day (April 1), in which we give the theory of evolution all the respect that it deserves. This year we celebrate with a more highly evolved version of Stevie Wonderís 1972 hit song, Superstition.

When it comes to evolution
You believe it all.
Fish in shallow water
Somehow learned to crawl.

When you believe in things
You donít understand,
Thereís nothing dumber.
Evolution ainít the way.

Methane and ammonia
Fill the atmosphere.
Smells like dirty diapers
But soon life does appear.
Countless years of good luck
Changing DNA.
Scales turn into feathers
So birds can fly away.

(Repeat chorus)

Making spears and fire
To kill and roast a pig.
All that clever hunting
Makes ape-man brains grow big.
You arenít allowed to question
What scientists say.
But the ďtruthĒ that they are teaching
Changes every day.

(Repeat chorus)

Itís just superstition
Itís not true at all.
To force kids to believe it
Takes a lot of gall.
It isnít really science
They are teaching you.
Itís just superstition
Too silly to be true.

When you believe in things
You donít understand,
Youíre going to suffer
Superstition ainít the way.

Hear Death Valley Daveís recording of this song (for free, without restrictions).1

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1 Lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass guitar, and keyboard tracks played by R. David Pogge, recorded at Sidewinder City Studio, Ridgecrest, California.