Song Parody - April 2020
by Death Valley Dave

Friends with Long Faces

This song was inspired by Garth Brooks' song, "Friends in Low Places."

Friends with Long Faces

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(Verse 1)
Blame it all on their schools, their teachers were fools.
The truth, they just didn’t hear.
The last ones to know, they were lied to and so
They were the last ones to see things so clear.
They did not realize they’d been told many lies
When they took that class in the fall.
They thought it was true, but
When the class was all through,
They'd learned nothing at all!

Now I’ve got Friends with Long Faces.
Who discovered new facts
And the truth just chases all the lies away.
But they’ll be OK.
Darwin was wrong in so many cases.
They used to believe what the truth replaces.
I've got Friends with Long Faces.

(Verse 2)
“Darwin was wrong,” is the point of my song,
But then, I've said that before.
You know that I’m right, so I'll just say goodnight,
And I'll show myself to the door.
Hey, I didn't mean to cause a big scene
When I took an hour and then,
I just demolished that ivory tower
That they’re livin' in.

(repeat chorus)

I’ve got friends with long faces.

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