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by Do-While Jones

The Field Museum, 20 Years Later

Twenty years ago, I went to the Field Museum in Chicago to see Sue (the T. rex) and their other exhibits about evolution. In “A Field Trip to the Field Museum” I wrote about what I saw there. There isn’t much chance I will ever get back to Chicago again, so I am interested to hear from anyone who has visited the Field Museum lately who can tell me how much it has changed in 20 years. Do they still claim Stanley Miller showed how life began? Do they still have the peppered moth display? Their website implies that the Life Over Time exhibit began on 26 January 2000, and ended on 9 December 2017. What replaced it? I’d really like to know.

Duane wrote to tell us what the Field Museum of Natural History is like now.

I run tours of the Field Museum from a Christian worldview. Lots has changed – too much to list them all, but I’ll give you some highlights.

Sue is no longer on the main floor. Now they have a sauropod dinosaur, a Titanosaur named Maximo there. (That’s helpful for discussing Job 40.) Fortunately, they have it next to an African elephant, so it’s a great opportunity to compare the tails, and see which better fits the tail of Behemoth in Job 40:17 (His tail sways like a Cedar.)

Sue has been moved to her own room off the Dinosaur wing. I haven’t seen either the peppered moth display or the Stanley Miller exhibit – likely because they have been thoroughly debunked. But they’re still heavily into pushing evolution.

The Fossil Prep lab is still there, and next to it is the entrance to their evolutionary exhibit – which includes the dinosaurs.

Once you get in it, they still do a good job of traffic management and winding through it so you see it all.

As you wind through the exhibits –  if you have even a basic knowledge of Creation, you can see the many places they fall short or state things contrary to evolutionary theory. (One of my favorites – in the dinosaur room is a sign that says “Sauropods – Designed for Size.” Obviously evolution can’t design anything. On another sign they mention the Cambrian explosion, but (obviously) have no explanation for where all the creatures came from since they have no previous simpler forms.

And while they update some exhibits, they don’t update them all. One of the star exhibits is Tiktaalik, which they claim is a transitional form between fish and four legged creatures. The problem is they’ve found four legged creatures 18 million years older than Tiktaalik, so it can’t be the transition. Evolutionists admit this, but they still haven’t changed the exhibit. They still list it as a “missing link.”

The dinosaur room includes the increasingly ubiquitous dinos–to–birds depiction, which is easy to refute.  They’re also big on cladograms – to show supposed relationships. They show them with most of the dinosaurs. I show how when understood properly, they show not the Darwinian Tree of life, but the Creation Orchard of Kinds.

Probably the most egregious error they have is their human evolution exhibit which includes Lucy. The way they depict evolution from Homo ergaster to Homo sapiens is totally and completely racist and I point that out to all my tours to the Field – that such racism is inherent to evolution. They probably don’t even notice it – it’s so ingrained. Ironically enough one of the exhibits after the evolution exhibit is an art exhibit depicting various native people (mostly in bronze) and ask you to judge if it’s racist, apparently totally oblivious to their evolution exhibit.

You mentioned the “Traveling the Pacific Exhibit”. I don’t go through it on the tours – I merely point out that in it, they have made a big deal about one of the most “well designed” canoes – made by the natives. They marvel over the design.

Now, next door to that exhibit, they have an exhibit on DNA and of course, ironically enough, can see no design in the most complex and efficient information storage and retrieval system known in the universe. It is good for pointing out how evolution blinds you to the obvious.

Of course there are many, many other exhibits that can be spoken about – which I do on my tour, but this is to give you a quick update of some of the changes.

I suspect that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Evolution is built on a lie, so they have to keep lying  (or remain blind) to keep the story going.

Duane Caldwell
Sonlight Tours, a ministry of

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