Evolution in the News - May 2003
by Do-While Jones

Dr. Dini

In our February newsletter, we told you about a professor who would not give letters of recommendation to his students unless they professed a belief in evolution.

We are embarrassed to admit that we missed this follow-up news story. Fortunately, the Arizona Origin Science Association noticed it.

News You Might Have Missed

(RNS) The Justice Department has ended its investigation of a complaint against a Texas Tech University biology professor after he stopped requiring that students believe in evolution to receive a letter of recommendation. The department said Tuesday (April 22) that it dropped its probe after professor Michael Dini eliminated the evolution belief recommendation policy. He replaced it with a requirement that students have the ability to explain the theory of evolution, the Associated Press reported. Micah Spradling, a student at the university in Lubbock, Texas, filed the complaint, accusing Dini of refusing to write letters of recommendation based on religious beliefs of his students. Spradling said as a creationist he couldn’t state a belief in human evolution to receive a recommendation. “A biology student may need to understand the theory of evolution and be able to explain it,” said Ralph Boyd Jr., the Justice Department’s assistant attorney general for civil rights, in a statement. “But a state-run university has no business telling students what they should or should not believe in.” 1

We visited Dr. Dini’s web site on June 13, 2003, and it had not been updated since February 10, 2003. It still contained the requirement that students profess a belief in evolution.

Maybe it was just an oversight on his part.

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1 AOSA Newsletter, June 2003. (P.O. Box 25907, Tempe, AZ 85285. www.PuritanHope.com/AOSA) (Cr+)