APE Awards - April 2005
by Do-While Jones

First Annual APE Awards

The first annual APE awards were given out on April 1, 2005, by the Academy Pushing Evolution (APE). These awards will be given annually to recognize outstanding contributions in the fields of censorship and disinformation in the previous 12 months.

For Best Censorship of the Public School Science Curriculum, the APE goes to the Georgia court that removed the biology textbook stickers on the grounds that they were "blatantly religious". 1

For Best Retaliation Against a Magazine Editor, the APE goes to the Smithsonian Institution for ruining the career of Dr. Richard Sternberg just because he allowed a paper on Intelligent Design to be published in a “real scientific journal.”

For Best Lies and Distortion in Print Media, the APE goes to National Geographic for their cover story, “Was Darwin Wrong?” (But Discover came in a very close second for their “Testing Darwin” cover story.)

For Best Lies and Distortion Broadcast on Television, the APE goes to PBS (the Pure BS television network) for practically everything they broadcast.

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1 Nature, 19 January 2005, "Georgia court bans biology textbook stickers", https://www.nature.com/articles/433182a